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Whose Life Is It Anyway? - Open Auditions

LX's next open audition is for 'Whose Life Is It Anyway?' by Brian Clark:

Date of auditions: Open auditions for all roles will be held on Sunday 25th June at Brent Social Club, London Road, Dartford (DA2 6AS) starting at 4pm. Synopsis Claire Harrison, a successful sculptor, is paralyzed in a car accident and kept alive by support systems in a hospital. Outwardly she's cheerful and often very funny, but she's overwhelmed by the fact she’s lost control of her own life. As the play begins, she is coming to the decision, if she can't live as a woman, she doesn't want to exist as a medical achievement. Her physician, however, is utterly determined to preserve Claire's life, regardless of its quality. Finally, with the help of her solicitor, Claire invokes the writ of habeas corpus and a judge joins the battle to determine "Whose Life Is It Anyway? The following roles are available:

  • Claire Harrison: The Patient (Lead). 30’s - 40’s. Attractive. Intelligent. Confident. A sculptor by profession. 9 months ago, Claire was involved in an accident which left her paralyzed from the neck down and confined to a hospital bed, dependent on others for her care and, ultimately, her survival. Claire does not want to continue living and fights for the freedom to make that choice for herself.

  • Dr Michael Emerson: A consultant physician. Supporting. 50+ Authoritative. Responsible for saving her life, he cares a great deal but, believing he knows what is best for Claire, he is unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinion or perspective, and does everything in his power to keep Claire at the hospital.

  • Sister Anderson: The ward sister. Supporting. 40+. Always professional. A quiet strength. She is a constant in Claire’s care, very protective and sees everything.

  • Nurse Kay Sadler: A student nurse. Supporting. 20’s. Fresh faced, gentle and pretty. Kay wants to do the right thing but, still new to the role, she has not yet built a protective, professional veneer and talks with Claire like a person and not just a patient. She catches the eye of John – a ward orderly.

  • John: A ward orderly. Supporting. 20’s. (Written as a black character with a West Indian accent / alternatively would prefer an actor who can use MLE – Multicultural London English) Light hearted, honest, unfiltered and fun. John is only working at the hospital until his band ‘makes it big’. Like Kay, he brings some levity to Claire’s daily existence. He flirts heavily with Nurse Kay.

  • Dr David Scott: A registrar. Supporting. Early 30’s. Handsome. Conflicted. David has got to know Claire. As a doctor, he continues to do everything he can to keep her comfortable but, as a person, he sees her struggle and, if it were down to him, he would not argue against her choice.

  • Mrs Margaret Boyle: A social worker. Supporting. 40+. Attractive. Professional in her manner. Tries to say all the right things. She visits Claire, at the request of Dr Emerson, with the intent of helping her to see value in her life. The meeting does not go well and instead further upsets Claire.

  • Miss Helen Hill: A solicitor. Supporting. 30+. Well put together. Although she does not necessarily agree with Claire’s decision, Helen takes on Claire’s case and supports her in the fight for the freedom to choose what happens in her own life.

  • Mrs Justice Millhouse: A Judge. Supporting. 50+. A no nonsense woman. It is her job to hear both sides of the argument and ultimately decide Claire’s fate.

Auditions will involve: There are excerpts for each of the above characters, which will be performed on the audition date. If you are interested, please reply back to this email and we will forward you the relevant excerpt(s). Production details:

  • Rehearsals for this will be on Monday (at Brent Social Club, DA2 6AS) and Wednesday (at Fleetdown Community Centre, DA2 6JZ) evenings, which start from Monday 31st July through to show-week.

  • This will be produced at Fleetdown Community Centre, Swaledale Road, Dartford DA2 6JZ from Thursday 28 - Saturday 30 September 2023.

  • Nadine Coulson will be directing this production.

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