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Pornography by Simon Stephens

Photos by Marc Cook-West, Charlie Hills, Talyn Crouch and David Best

Cast included: Trevor, Mia, Sidonie, Sandi, Marc, Georgia, Eileen, Joy, Rowan, TJ, Nadine, Lesley, Conor, Azina, Linda, Phil and Courtney

Crew included: Nick, Alison, Andy and Jack


2023 KDA FulL Length Play Festival nominations:

  • Best Actor - Conor Pavitt WINNER!

  • Best Actress - Eileen Warner

  • Best Lighting

  • Best Set Design

  • Best Sound

  • Best Stage Presentation

  • Best Technical Achievement

  • Ensemble Acting

  • Initiative in stage presentation

  • Best Director - Nick Cook-West

  • Adjudicator's Special Merit Award WINNER!

  • WINNER - 2nd Place!

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