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Pornography Awards at the KDA

LX Infinity were delighted to host this year's KDA Festival Awards Night at Fleetdown Community Centre on 17 June 2023.

Our production of Pornography was nominated for 10 awards overall:

  • Best Actor - Conor Pavitt

  • Best Actress - Eileen Warner

  • Best Lighting

  • Best Set Design

  • Best Sound

  • Best Stage Presentation

  • Best Technical Achievement

  • Ensemble Acting

  • Initiative in stage presentation

  • Best Director - Nick Cook-West

We were thrilled to win the following awards:

  • The Marlowe Shield: Best Actor - Conor Pavitt

  • The Irene Weller Award: Adjudicator’s Special Award for 'a Powerful and Moving Montage'

  • The Channel Cup - for 2nd Place overall

Well done to everyone involved, and congratulations to our friends at Masquerade for winning best production!

Details of all of the awards can be found here:

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